Sunday, June 06, 2010

Pitbull & Preetbull

Kabar pittbull gmn om? RT @AdrieSubono: RT @GabrielSaporta: i finally updated -2 new vids: (cont) 7:36 AM Feb 27th via UberTwitter

Adrie Subono @athayash emang pitbull laku ya kalau ke jakarta? 7:39 AM Feb 27th via TweetDeck in reply to ATHAYASH

Laku ooom beneran deh!! Banyak yg suka oom coba email ke pittbull aja om :):) RT @AdrieSubono: @athayash emang (cont) 7:47 AM Feb 27th via UberTwitter

Adrie Subono @athayash bisa email om di 7:49 AM Feb 27th via TweetDeck in reply to ATHAYASH

Om @AdrieSubono, aku udh email ke om ya ke subjectnya Pittbull dr email thanks om :):) 8:08 AM Feb 27th via UberTwitter

Adrie Subono @athayash iya om udah baca...boleh om telp kamu..? 8:17 AM Feb 27th via TweetDeck in reply to ATHAYASH

And then he called me hundred times; the first one was 27th of February 2010 at 09:13 AM and second one at the same day but at 10:04 AM and third time 09:02 AM on 28th of February, 2010 and so on and so on until the latest 2nd of April, 2010

first SMS from him its like on 27th February, 2010 "Gila udah 2 ribu lebih yg nge tweet pitbull! :-)"

And on 5th March, 2010 i went to his house, can you believe this? ATHAYA SHAKYNA went to ADRIE SUBONO's house? uhm its an honor for me :-) OMG OMG!! until now my heart still beating real fast~

hohoho so happy :-D and i'm so lucky i know!! yippie :p

btw he call himself "Preettbull"

i thought i only have to give him Pitbull's CD that i promised and give it to the security but he asked me to come in hehehe and i say "why not?? there's no second chance!!"

And after that we continue communicating about Pitbull and all about Pitbull and fans, concert, everything through sms or telephone and also about other artist.

AND F.Y.I HELL YEAHH MAY 6, 2010 CRUNCH SMS SCREW YOU!! becos of that thing and blablablah and im the type of girl yang maunya cepet cepet cepet gitu and sadly missed pressed sms from om Adrie Subono yg di crunch sms ke delete..................................................... dan gue pengen nangis banget!! huhuhuhuhuhu

The last time gue sms-an sama om Adrie Subono it like June 1st, 2010 ngomongin about All Time Low and he asked my opinion about Flo Rida and my sms to him bela sungkawa atas meninggalnya istri dari Pak Habibie yg kalo gasalah om nya om Adrie (correct me if im wrong) gitu.

ya gitu deh pokoknya sebetulnya kalo mau diceritain detailnya lebih panjang lagi hehehe tp sampe sini aja deh ya hehehe

laafff youuuh people :*

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