Monday, June 07, 2010

Uhmm let's see what should I do?

SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER isn't it what we're waiting for? since we've been tired and hard working on January to April and finally have Exam(onster)s on May and finally heavenly June with Summer Holiday uhm 1 full month is enough for brain rest and having fun ryt?

Honestly my summer holiday budget is not that much, and for the type of girl that not really like shopping but really LOVE eating so i didnt have to provide special budget tho.

So, my summer plans are;

1. read magz (i have a bunch of magazine on waiting list)
2. decorate my room
3. decorate my terrace
4. sleep over at @naomi3195
5. sleep over at @ndrandra
6. buy DVDs!!
7. movie night
8. movie freaks
9. movie marathon
10. go out with family
11. hang out with friends
12. fashion-photo-time (like doing some mix and match and take a photo)
13. EAT-venture
14. read novels
15. ...........(any idea?)

HAHAHA what do you think? is it enough for 4 weeks? i dont think so... :p


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