Sunday, June 05, 2011

this is too much, but im enjoying it!


Im sec4 now, and yea it means im so close to IGCSE now!
*fingercrossed* hope for the best result.

Me, as SRC Chairperson

In every generation of sec4 in SIS, we have this selection of SRC (Student Representative Council) Chairperson in the beginning of the year.
After having a voting, -which the candidates was all the sec4 who is present in the meeting. And yea, unblieveble that im the chairperson. Im really flattered, happy, honored and that was unforgettable.
Alot of ideas popped up in my head for upcoming events "PROM" and past events that my team and I held "Light Up The Night" Semester End and Dance Party.

Smester End Dance Party

Place: Mezzaluna, Kemang
Time: 6pm-10pm
Price Ticket: 180.000IDR

A lot of games, mouthwatering food, dance battle, treassure hunt, good prizes.

Since this was past event, so i can tell you what are the prizes:

For best dressed female and male: Ticket premiere in weekday

Treassure Hunt: 1.Ticket upcoming Prom '2011
2.Food Voucher
3.Tank top

My team was really helpful, and im sure that they gave their 100% on this event.

Thankyou very much (:

These are some pictures of the event.

Oppening performance by, Rey as "Nerd or Geek", Naomi as my twinno "nerd", and Azurra as a performer.


Me, as a nerd with Pierre, who is a MU supporter? (:

Doing he's runway but he fell, anyway its not ANTM so we're not judging on his catwalk but based on his outfit

Robih A Bahar as baseball player - Best dressed male

Sheena Suparman as Boho girl - Best dressed female

Best Dressed Female and Male >>> Most stereotypical outfit

Last batch students. Party like there's no tomorrow.

It was FUN! thanks for coming and see you in the next SIS BV event.

I was wearing a white shirt from Trovata, a Prada mini skirt, a knee socks from Sox Gallery.


Athaya S

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  1. I think Phil should be best dressed