Tuesday, December 13, 2011


hiiii :)

so im done with my igcse which means im currently in holiday now for 6 weeks from 25th of November until 9th of January 2012

wow time does flies. it seems like yesterday was my first day of my senior year but within few weeks i'll be sitting in the junior college 1.

since my family doesnt have any plans for the holiday. ive been keeping myself busy by doing lil things and one of them is polyvore. and you can open my polyvore page by clicking the polyvore badge below my profile. my username is athayashakyna.

these two are the latest. but i have more in my polyvore page.

my mom took fashion merchandising and design when she was in college and my grandma is also a designer. when i was like little my grandma made me dresses. until now they're still making clothes but not for sale. maybe this is why i am interested in fashion world. now im considering it for my future even tho i dont know which part will i be focusing in.

talking about future, i seriously need to make up my mind in what do i want to be when i grow up.
to be safe, in JC i took 5 subjects that might be related to what i want to be. oh my god, future scares me.
those 5 subjects are;


pretty general, but that's what i took when i was in sec4 also well add 3 more Bahasa, Combined Science, and Economics.
why didn't i take the other 3 because i think my bahasa is okay and i dont think my future will be related to science and economics.

when i did my bahasa oral for the igcse examination my topic was "cita citaku" or "what i want to be in the future" and this is what i said;

"..in order to know what i want to be in the future i guess i need to know what I'm good at and take all the opportunity i got in life.."

but until now i couldn't figure out what I'm good at.

therefore, i need to know before i need to make big decision related to my future.

anyway, if u have any suggestion re: what im good at, feel free to tell me. and thank you! don't forget to visit my polyvore page ;)

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