Saturday, February 04, 2012


I know it is too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR but in 2012 there's nothing too late because who knows what will happen right? I'm not saying that something will happen, it's just do what you want to do and live your life without regrets, am I right? anyway...

I went out with my friends in new years eve and celebrate it in one of the mall in south Jakarta, Indonesia and 9 days later I had my first day of school as a JC student.

In JC I have to use free clothes everyday, and it's annoying even tho i'm happy because i can finally express myself not only when im out with my friends but i can bring my own personality to school. I somehow want to be different therefore i tends to show my own self thru fashion.

In my first day of school i wore..

A true religion jeans, a tank top, Ann Taylor LOFT Cardigan, a necklace that my mom bought in Oz, a suede Burberry bag and a flats.

Last week, i missed using my uniform and so i want to use something that looks like a uniform but im putting my own twist.

so this is what happened..

Skirt, Sportsgirl Oz
Pull over, ChloƩ
Shirt, et cetera
Socks, Sox Gallery
Shoes, Converse

I would love to post more of my college outfits but then sometimes im too tired to open my laptop or even take picture so I'm just going to make a set on my polyvore. And honestly, I've been considering and thinking to make a lot of post of my outfits like a fashion blogger wannabe but I don't have time yet and the props.. just yet. So we'll see...

Anyway, Let's see what's this year will bring for us..
Have a great year ahead people.


Athaya S

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