Monday, February 20, 2012

Better and brighter. -5th Feb 2012


HEEHEEEHEEE ;D Now in the greetings box it's not 16 anymore, but it's 17. I'm so excited for this year and being 17. On my birthday I had a nice lunch with my family ate my favorite pasta, Aglio Olio made by my cousin, which is lovely spent the time together with them <3.

A bowl of heaven <3 it!

I honestly miss being 16 and crazy and well, i don't know I feel like since I'm 17 i have more responsibilities, i need to be more mature, careful, and sensitive towards my surroundings for my own good. Which isn't bad at all it's just more stuff that i need to think about, until someday my friend asks me "What happen?" and i dont know what to say, cos it's personal and i can only answer "uhmm i just have so many things going on in my mind."

Oh, i almost forgot i have a good news, i got great scores fo my IGCSE and i didnt fail in any subjects. Which is good but this also the cause of my stress, because I have more obligation to at least maintain my scores and even make it better which is hard.

I'm 17 and I'm doing my As level exam this year, AND IT STRESSES ME OUT. okay ya, i had 8 subjects last year and i proved that i can get a good scores but now in As level i only have 5 subjects but i feel like i have 10 subjects, i cant even do my works right on time, there must be one or two works that is not finish yet. I dont like unfinished things, but lately my laziness is out of control. Just the other night, i supposed to study for my test, and i just simply fall asleep when i know i can actually force my self to study and fight my laziness.

Anyway, but i believe that i can go through all the problems as long as i think positively and clearly. I just hope that this year would be better than the past 17 years.

My sweetest friend, Azuraa brought this cuteeee cupcakes to school <3 SWEEETTTT

She also gave me this lip gloss! :*

"Hope", it reminds me to always have hope, faith and dare to dream from Nisha <3


New scent, Secret Charm by VICTORIA SECRET.

I wore a dress by Vanessa Bruno


Athaya S