Monday, February 20, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - February 3rd 2012

The dragon dance and lion dance enlivened the celebration of the Chinese new year in the school yard, not to forget the music and the happy faces of the students and the Chinese people.

The year of the water dragon is what they’re celebrating. In Singapore International School (Indonesia) it’s an annual celebration that the teachers and students cherished. It’s where they have class activities, oranges, angpao, foods and Chinese decorations in their respective classes.

The activities started from 7.30 to 12 noon. The teachers and some students prepared this celebration weeks ago; they have songs, dances, and games that they prepared for the day. In the morning, we had a brief assembly explaining what we’re going to do on that day. The dragon and lion dance were supposed to be the first event in the morning but they were late, and the students were asked to go back to their classes and do the class activities.

Junior College 1&2 had few games, when all the games are finished we ate the foods that we brought and bought like pizzas, chips, oranges, and soft drinks. I opened this fortune angpao, not a cookie but it has this word of what might happen or what you should do just like fortune cookie, and this is what i got

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

and last year with the actual fortune cookie i got

"Do something different this year"

When the foods are finished we went out to see the dragon and lion dance. They did some pretty awesome attractions that make our jaw drops. We took a few pictures with the dancers and they went around the school to spread their luck and take all the bad things (well, that’s myths that I heard).

In the MPH from primary 1 until junior college 2 we watched our fellow students performed. The performance weren’t all related to Chinese because Rafael from p6 was dancing ala Michael Jackson, complete with the gloves and hat. One of my good friends sang a Chinese song called, Zui xuan min zu. The activities ended with Mr Liao sang Gong Xi Gong Xi and the whole Chinese teachers were singing along with him.
The Chinese new year celebration isn’t complete without angpao thus the marketing dept. gave us an envelope filled with “20% student discount” in one of the fast food restaurant. Which is a good way to end the day. Therefore, I shall end this essay by saying HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR may this year be better and have a good year ahead.

I wore my white Armani Jeans shirt with red stripes.

Photos, courtesy of Mr Stephen A, Robih and Ellisya


Athaya S

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