Friday, March 02, 2012

the answer is: why not?


Recently for the past few weeks, every time i wake up in the morning i always don't know what to wear for school (usually, i do) and im not a simple kind of girl who can just put t-shirt and jeans and flats. So this morning i was starring at my wardrobe for like 20' or more to find out what to wear and i saw my leopard pants hanging and in my mind i was thinking, "why don't just wear it to school?" (even tho for a sec i think the pants was too much for school only). But... i decided to use it;

It's not completely the same like mine. Here are the difference:

My top was a club Monaco pullover, and my pants was from Singapore that sells fashion blogger's stuffs in orchard, my necklace was also MARNI but the different is, mine was more heavy and for the shoe, nail polish and glasses was the same color with the one in my set just different brand. My bag obviously a school bagpack. I did used Marc Jacobs but the Violet one not Daisy.

Anyway, at the end of the day people were actually complementing what i wore and even tho it may sounds like bullshit or somethin' but im relief that the-leopard-pants-goes-to-school was worth to try. oh, when i was in English class my teacher jokingly asked me, "were u from the 60's Austin powers movie or something?" because my hair was tie up like the one in the set:D

Athaya S

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