Saturday, March 10, 2012

This is official now.


I'm officially graduated from SISBV. With a Merit certificate from ICE :D weeeee. Anyway, I went for my graduation at 8 this morning and we have a nice ceremony that ends with food which is my favorite part of the day. And went back home because we are all tired. It has been a pretty hectic week for me, my mom, and my bro. Oooo ooo oooo and my grand mother came to my graduation also awww <3<3

GrandMa, Brother, Me, Mother.

I wore my VeraWang dress, GianniVersace clutch, EmporioArmani earrings, and Zara heels for my graduation day.

And ramyun for lunch. Gamsa hamnida.


Athaya S

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