Saturday, March 10, 2012

to: secondary 4s 2011

Dear All,

Last year has been a wonderful year. Secondary 4 really really brought us together in many ways. I am so glad that we became more united. The fact that we barely fight and solve everything together is so amazing because it is not happening to a lot of people. You guys are truly great friends, I am so grateful to have you all in my life. Now, we have to go our separate ways in order to chase our dreams.

Dreams that will lead us to the future and what we want to be and achieve in the future.

From the first day of our secondary 4 life begun we've had such a colorful days everyday. Started when we went to assemblies, make our own assemblies which is bad ass and and super funny, we have class lunch together with our very own teacher, Ms. Bagyam. Not to forget all the little things happening everyday. Everyday was priceless because i have you people in it. Aww, okay i need to stop being emotional because my eyes will shed into tears. Memories of all of us together or just between the closest ones is really really unforgettable. With all the ups and downs we can hardly forget things like these. Like seriously!

Since today we graduated from SIS BV, it means that today we are young adults, we need to be ready to face everything and anything, more responsibilities, and opportunities that we have to choose.

Life is about choosing something that we think best for us, but we have to know that opportunity doesn't knock on our door twice, especially gold opportunity. Therefore, take a risk. Even tho it may not be a good experience.. but we can always learn from that.

The future awaits us, the future needs us, we are the future and we can always make the future better if we want and be better. It may be scary, but there is nothing better than pursue to the higher level in life.

Nothing can express and no words can describe our memories. But it will always be in our mind and heart. The memories that we can cherished forever.

I am really looking forward to see you guys soon.
I am deeply sorry of the things i did that may hurt your feeling i never ever meant to hurt anyone of you. I hope you had a blast last year. :D

With love,
Athaya S

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