Friday, June 01, 2012

Almost perfect.


Summer break is officially started today. And yesterday I received my report card, I'm so grateful when I saw it.. a bit disappointed for my business for getting a B because I've been studying that subject more than other subjects. But it's okay, there's always room for improvement. Other subjects I got As which is very great! this also means that I'm improving. It's all because of my hard work; late night study and 4 hours or more study. And thank god it was all worth it. Not only my effort but also because God listens to my prayers. I prayed to get As and the worst Bs and I got exactly that. Alhamdulillah.

I started my summer break by going out with my long lost Best Friend <3, Fanny. I haven't seen her for years, literally! since our Junior High School Graduation which was 3 years ago, we haven't got the chance to spend the whole day together like today. In the morning I went to her place like at 8am had my breakfast with her and ate porridge, we went to PIM at lunch time and she went back home at the same time that I need to accompany my mom so we split up, it was at 6pm. One day is not enough to replace the 3 years that are gone. Even tough we had a nice lunch I ate Noodle with dumpling, she ate I Fu Mie which is so goooood, bought ice cream cone and yogurt with peach, mochi, and choco chips as the toppings, went to the photo box place and took a picture of us together. And actually, today would be perfect if we had not lost our Snow White and The Huntsman movie ticket :"(

I wore a Theory white bone shirt and a necklace that I used below the collar therefore it will make the collar more prominent with a TRF Zara polka dots skirt, a white Swatch New Gent white rebel, a gold ring with a unique design; it has a small chains hanging like hair, and a white skin snake flats.
Sorry for the bad quality images :-) and enjoy your Summer Holiday.


Athaya S

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