Sunday, June 17, 2012

Like a Lady.


Few weeks ago my Aunt and Uncle (they're twins) celebrated their birthday in my Aunt's house and my big family came. Here are some pics that me and my cousins took during the event. 

My cousin, Andra - she is like the big sister I never had <3 

 Clara, cousin - I'm gonna miss her, because she's going to US for University. And btw, look at her Steve Madden heels it's gorgeous!

Andra's dress shaped her body perfectly, she looks amazing. WE look amazing hahaha

I was wearing a purple Valentino polka dots dress which I adore, because it fits me and compliments my body, I feel like a lady wearing it since I need to walk like a real lady; small steps and carefully. ZARA black heels which at that time was a newbie in my shoe rack. My earrings were from a small store in Jakarta. And to top it off ..a white Chanel bag.


Athaya S

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