Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grand Opening Junior College 2012


This is just an essay about the Bazaar Day and The Grand Opening that I made.

Am I ready? doubting myself, I was. My stomach hurts a sign that i was nervous. Queued at the backstage, waiting for my turn. My heartbeat was racing so fast, I could hear it pounding. As I walk to the stage and saw hundred pair of eyes was looking into my way. And the song played. My legs were shaking for the first 10s but I wont let my nervous get the best of me and i don't want to let my dancing group down just because I was nervous. Then I knew it was my moment and I got my confident back. I performed an American Latin dance with the song Danza Kuduro at the Grand Opening of the new facilities and Bazaar Day. Watched by the Ambassadors,  BOG, BOD, parents, teachers, and friends.

I prepared the dance a month before the event ad only performed for 2 minutes. But it was all worth it. There were videos and  5performances. After the barbie dane which included a choreographed performance by the lower primary in pink dresses complete with the feathers and white stockings, the Caribbean dancers took the stage with Hawaiian style clothing. Performing a sword dance earlier, the pre-school kids with a Chinese song, they were looking so adorable in their kung fu outfit. And as the closing the J-pop dancers owed the crowd with their harajuku costumes and modern movements. But, not to be outdone the American Latin dancers are shimmy in their shiny costume and dance scene. There was a video by the students that changed the atmosphere and the mood in the little theatre became more excited in the beginning of the event.

This year was totally different because we now have new facilities which embraces, yet the better side of the school. And this time they've combined the event of  the year which was the Bazaar Day  with another big event which was the Grand Opening that was attended by the honored guests; The Ambassadors of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korean and Singapore. Thank goodness that the event was a big success.

The Bazaar status was officially crowded and hectic. You can see the mothers representing their own country and vendors who at that time was the sellers having their stalls afore the Mr.Liau's room were screaming trying to get their products to be sold. The Bazaar was one of the events in the school that shows diversity in our school. 

Sadly, the JC students were separated. Some of us were helping the garage sale - which wasn't technically and practically in a garage it was beside the chemistry lab - to help raise funds for the upcoming event at the end of the year, the night of all nights, Prom Night. Some of us were selling our own products, and food. 

Time flies and without realizing it the stalls are selling their products half price, if you were lucky enough you can get it for free and this means that the bazaar has ended.

This is the link for a little video that some of the SIS students and I made for the grand opening that was held May 2012. It was for introducing the guests with the new facilities in SIS BV.

I act as the director, choreographer and helping with some editing, pretty much the busy section of the entire team.

On behalf of the BOG, Principal, Mr. Shahlul, and Team, Thank you so much for every single one of you that participated in the video for Grand Opening Junior College 2012. Really appreciate your effort, time, and energy. Enjoy!

Athaya S

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