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School started last Wednesday July 4th and everything became so real. The teacher changes the timetable and guess what????? I have 10 free periods in a week but of course I will use that for art because the school actually doesn’t write art in the time table like some kind of I don’t know not admitting the existence of art? LOL no lah I’m just kidding I guess it is because it’s full already and art is just an option since the majority wont take art and I was the only students in art last semester but now I have a new friend (I'll get to that later). Back to the timetable, isn’t it so absurd that I actually am free everyday last period?? It’s insane the fact that I have to wait until 14.45 to get home when i finish my classes at 13.45 1 hour counts you know, I can do a lot of things; like sleeping, eating, art, and stuff. But I guess I will be okay sooner or later. 

So, in SIS this semester we have a lot and when I say a lot it's A LOT of new students. In my class there are now 21 students it's like this year JC is breaking a record! There are new students for JC this year like 5 people if I’m not mistaken, Yuna from japan Yunseon from Korea, Yunita from Indonesia, Cindy from Indonesia, DJ from Korea and that is it............. I think. Which is great we'll have more fun, just like what they all say, and the more the merrier. 

You will soon face hell -----> AS Level

SERIOUSLY! Since the day we came back from summer holiday I've been asking "Am I the only one who thinks that AS Level is damn scary?" IGCSE is nothing compare to AS Level, I can't even imagine how A Level next year going to be like. OH GOD, give me some strength to get through all of this therefore I can focus studying, do the examination smoothly, get outstanding grades and make LJ proud. Amiiiiiiin. 

I went into some websites yesterday to find out more about my exam, and I don’t know why but is always problem loading page but other sites doesn't have problem at all, and one of the website was my school website where I found this:

This is an article that I made when we were visiting the Harper’s Bazaar ART Jakarta last year. I'm just so happy that they chose to put my article in the school magazine. BEYOND happy. 
And did I mention that I got good grades, it's much better than what I expected because i was so scared coming into the examination room and actually shaking until i couldn't even put the lead into the mechanical pencil. Superb. I got 3 As (ART, Math, IT) and 2Bs (Business, English) I can say that it's a great improvement for me. I am so grateful and I feel so blessed. Alhamdulillah.  

Oh, And in those pics I was wearing twentyone striped sleeveless top, bracelet bought in US, Miley Cyrus MAX AZRIA leggings, and Tory Burch boots. Love'em!!


Athaya S

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