Saturday, January 19, 2013


Happy New Year!

I know I am late, but Happy New Year nonetheless! 
I can already feel the different feelings and aura this year brings.

Everything becomes so real! Im going for university/college, finishing my A level, and having a new happier life hopefully!

How was your new year celebration? Mine was crazyyyy! I spent my new year with two most important people in my life; my bestfriend and my clique! And few more friends. We went to a hang out place in Jakarta

I was wearing; J brand white jeans, Elie Tahari top, and Mango fur sling bag!  


I stayed in Hotel Mulia which was fun! I went for a late night swim with my brother (we actually snuck out the room so our mother doesn't know) and we lost our room card but the hotel person found it thank god! Or else we will be locked and le madre will be angry hahaha 




For the new years eve dinner I wore, A leather jacket from new look, a white sleeveless top, ripped boyfriend jeans from new look and a ZARA black heels

And for a little pancake date with my brother I wore;

A beanie I bought in PROMOD, New Look; leather vest, grey studded top, maroon redish pants, and a classic converse shoes


May this new year bring many bags, accessories, clothes, and heels


Athaya S

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