Saturday, January 26, 2013





I wasn't really planning to go anywhere today since I have to study for my upcoming exam but my dear mother wanted the whole family to go out.

I have this set of clothes in my mind 2weeks ago but haven't got the chance to wear it. I really like the idea of the pink orange cartoon tshirt because it's fun and the army pants, rings, and earcuff makes it edgy, I put the jacket on to formalize the style and it looks classic with the jcrew chain necklace!

For the make up, I didn't do much except for a nude lipstick and cat eyeliner Amy Winehouse kind of style.

I am wearing a Burgundy jacket, a TRF ZARA tee, a camo army pants from NewLook, a suede pink flats MARNI , and a suede bag from ZARA. Accessories are a JCrew chain necklace, spike earcuff and a nail ring and a chains ring! And as always I wear my white rebel by SWATCH.

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S

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