Monday, January 28, 2013




It's Monday, uh already?? Time does fly!! so fast...
How was your weekend? I'd love to hear your stories! Honestly, I've always hated weekends because it passed by super fast like jet whooooshhh! But maybe it's because I have more fun on the weekends... thus I think we need a day in between Saturday and Sunday, don't you think so?

Anyway, in case you're wondering, this is not about me having pink eyes but its more about my last purchase and first one also buying online (yayyyy!) which was the earcuff! if you have noticed above you can see my earcuff is an eye which I think is a show stopper, especially when I paired it with a shocking pink mary jane wedges that my awesome grand mother got for my birthday! 

I do realize that a buying online is risky because we are not able to touch the material, and the actual product, but it is very efficient! One, it's save time, two, save money (exclude the international shipping), and you are able to compare one shop to another in terms of pricing and variety and believe you me, they offer a wide range of products from the small little things to what you need most (in my case clothes, and accessories) The things you have to be careful is how legit the shop is, can they be trusted, and the shipping company. This is because you can be easily duped, and your goods will not get in your hands when you paid already for it. There are ways to make sure that  you are buying in the right online shop; by how many customers they have, which shipping company do they use, customers comments, their terms and condition is benefiting both you as the customer and them, and it is suggested that you buy it from the shop that your friend or relative have been shopping in. Other than that, happy shopping!!

In this post I am wearing my et cetera white shirt, new look shorts with sequins and sparkles on it, mary jane wedges, a gold cuff bracelet from Bali, and two colorful bracelets; the blue ones is from my super awesome grand mother, and the purple ones is my all time favorite. The stunning necklace is Mawi London it has a lot of stuffs hanging there which I am totally obsessed with; rings, a butterfly, elephants ivory, leaves, rose, and much moreeee.

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S


  1. Great shoes! I love your wedges:) And for me online shopping is kinda addiction:)


    1. Thank you darling, omg me too! once I shop I want more ;-P