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Have you ever wonder what are the things inside someone else's bag? Well, it is VERY personal and it is impolite for you to ask but for this post I think, what the hell? why not? It's like sharing my biggest secret so sssshhhh! keep it for yourself okay!

My current bag is a suede bag from ZARA and inside I have a lot of pouches and little bags with a lot of stuffssss! 

You can see there what's inside my...

  1. Green stripes, Kate Spade make up kit!
  2. Purple Lola by Marc Jacobs little bag is for my charger and hands free (all the cable related stuffs)
  3. Pocketbac anti backterial hand gel from Bath and Body works with bee shaped holder that is magnetic so I can sticks it to my locker!
  4. Botega Venetta green wallet
  5. White rebel SWATCH 
  6. Victoria Secret pencil case with pens and school ID card in it
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with pink casing!
  8. Carnet Moyen is a mini sketch book from my friend, she bought it when she was in Centre Georges Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Europe
  9. A Victoria secret (obsessed with the cute stuffs this brand has!!, don't you?) little bag that I use for number 10
  10. A cat eye sunglasses
Pencil case: 
  1. Yellow and Green highlighter not only to highlight what is important at school but to make my text books looks much more interesting
  2. Not only highlighter but a SARASA coloured pens are a must have items for school! I am now running out of these pens so what's left are only the green ones and orange ones.
  3. A marker to do some doodlings and to decorate and personalize my sketch book
  4. When it comes to math and calculator I want to make it fun therefore I wont be stressful so there you go a calculator full of stickers!
  5. Post it, I'm a pretty easily forgetful person so this is a necessary for me!

  1. Yes, I always have a topless six pack hottie inside my wallet (Abercrombie & Fitch card)
  2. Ssshh! Victoria Secret reward card,  can I call myself an angel now? 
  3. LIGHT UP THE NIGHT was a school event and I was the Chairperson of the event.
  4. TRS is my favorite diner in Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta they have the best nachos! 
  5. Blitz Megaplex card makes it easier for me to watch my favorite movies especially when my whole family loves to watch almost every weekends.
  6. Polaroids love love love; graduation, new years eve, choir competition with my brother, and a birthday celebration of a friend of mine.
  7. XXI tickets
  8. Nexcare (..just in case my heels is going to hurt me, or something happened)
  9. And finally, Indonesian ID card

Make up kit:
  1. The Violet perfume by Marc Jacobs is no actually in it everyday but I always use it before I leave my house so it counts as essential
  2. BB Cream concealer from Maybelline New York, mine is number 26 for a natural color skin
  3. PINK from Victoria Secret body spray 
  4. Eyelashes curl 
  5. LOLA by Marc Jacobs lotion to keep my skin away from getting dry
  6. Revlon lipstick
  7. Marc Jacobs cute little perfume
  8. MAC studio fix foundation + powder makes my skin looks flawless
  9. SMOKY shimmer highlights my eyes perfectly
  10. YSL Eyeshadow is a must have item in my make up kit because this one gives me the natural look
  11. MAC Eyeshadow for a party look
  12. Nail file, cottons, and cotton buds for an emergency remover
  13. The body shop eyeliner; white and blue to make my eyes pop
  14. A cover girl, smoky blast for an instant make up in the car
You may not see any blush on or make up remover because I am currently running out of them but if I do I use a ULTIMA II blush on and a Maybelline New York make up remover and usually I have special little bag for my pads but it's not there in my bag now.

So there it goes, the secret has been revealed. Now, I want to know what's in your bag!! Share with me the links on my comment box below! ;)

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S

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