Thursday, February 28, 2013

IdiosyncraStyle on Keek!!!!


Just a short post informing that I just signed up on KEEK and I am new with this video account.

It turns out to be so much fun!! I already uploaded a dozens of Indonesia Fashion Week videos. All the scoop from the opening ceremony, to the finale.

I believe that my username is athayash or maybe you can check on Athaya Shakyna and Athaya S

Watch it, like it, follow it! Thank you loves <3 nbsp="" p="">

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Athaya S



I was just doing what we call as blog walking (one of the things I learned from Indonesia Fashion Week) and I opened one of the photographer/blogger named Sadikin Gani and found myself there. 

Had a brief talk with him. We introduced ourselves, when he was taking picture of me but I wasn't sure if it will be uploaded and the fact that it did, I am over the moon right now. 

Sadikin Gani is as good as other street style photographer, the sartorialist, jak&jil, and mr. street peeper. They focus on the style and fashion that catches the readers' eyes. The photography skills that he has, make the clothes look even more attractive. 

That would be a dream of mine having a collaboration with him, like Zanita and Gala Gonzalez from or other well known bloggers! 

Stay Stylish,

Monday, February 25, 2013


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This season is all about fashion week and we can see model off duty running around New York, London, and Milan. And Cara Delevingne is the one to watch, she is almost on every runway this year. You name it, from Sister Siblings to Burberry. And I am loving her boyish, laid back look style after the fashion shows.

What catches my eye is that I see her in different style of baseball jackets (like she owns a lot of them) and I got inspired by it. So... I start digging up my brother's wardrobe and found this ROOTS baseball jacket. I don't know why are they so big when my brother is so small but I wore it anyway. 
It was a rainy day and such a perfect timing to wear an oversize-very-warm-comfortable jacket, paired it with my American Apparel purple pencil skirt and Marni flats.

I do upload my college fashion on instagram: athayash so follow me :)

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Photo Diary IndonesiaFW 2013: It's all about fashion.

From the lobby to every corner, Jakarta Convention Center are full of fashion from head to toe. 
Some couture designs are showcased at the front lobby (entrance) which directly caught our attention.
My favorite is the long black dress by designer, Sofie. The detailing with city lights and buildings just like Jakarta.
On the wings side of the Plenary hall where all the fashion show was held we can see hundreds of hundreds of booths from local to international designers that sells clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.


Oka Diputra, Couture et Objects par Oka Diputra
bali - jakarta - toulouse

Martha Ellen
Ikat inspired ready to wear collections bespoke designs. 

Ardistia New York

The designer herself, Tertia Enda a really nice friendly person showcased her collection on day3 Rhythm Jouissence
Forbidden S/S 2014

Autumn/Winter 2012
Sssh, a little background story of how creative the designer is; the dress with clouds is a real photographed dress when they had their vacation in Pelabuhan Ratu. The view is just like a painting that they got inspired to print it and make it a dress pattern. This photo realism is really a hit right now, Givenchy for example with the angry dog t-shirt.

 sneakers wedges


The design are created for a women that are both simple, and elegant. The label start from the second generation of Tini. Each design of garments is a unique creation with the handmade touch of beading, embroidery, and applications using the most fine selected material.

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S




 Poppy Dharsono made a miraculous designs from her collection, Indonesia Modern Classic Archipelago.

 The finale gown was my favorite!! The color choices is so Poppy Dharsono style, you just knew that it's HERS. 
The modernity of the kebaya and batik (Indonesia traditional clothes) is a great way to make a comeback in fashion industry in Indonesia. Especially now, fashion in Indonesia has been influenced by the western culture so much that we can rarely see anyone wears the traditional clothes. Unless, there is an event. Which is sad because as Indonesian we have to preserve the national culture. Thus, we have our own identity that differs us from other country. 
And this exactly what I see Poppy Dharsono tried to do from her collections.

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S