Thursday, February 07, 2013

DIY ala IdiosyncraStyle



Have you ever wonder how to just invent your own shirt? or maybe you don't have the budget to buy the actual shirt? And have you ever think of making your own clothes?

These are some ways to have new clothes using the old clothes.
These are three of my DIY project! First; was a ripped leggings inspired by Kendall Jenner. Then there is a t shirt that screams summer to me because of the cutouts, this one is inspired from TUMBLR girls and I can't wait for summer!! The third; was because I love YMCMB and camouflage print and army pattern is such a trend right now! I had SO MUCH FUN!

  1. Get a pair of leggings, and make sure you are sure what you're going to do and not going to regret it whatever going to happen
  2. Take scissors, cutter, and a piece of cardboard
  3. Put the cardboard inside the leggings this is to prevent other area getting cut
  4. Fold your leggings or you can just do it one by one
  5. Start cutting the outer sides of your leggings
  6. For the ripped effect use cutter
  1. Get a white shirt, it could be a V-neck, or a usual shirt like what I use
  2. Get; scissors, pencil, cardboard
  3. Put the cardboard inside the shirt
  4. Make the pattern, or sketch the Skull at the back of the shirt
  5. Start cutting the lines of your sketch
  6. You can also use other color shirt
  7. And maybe cut the sleeve, to make it more edgy!
  1. Get any shirt you want to use
  2. Prepare; Acrylic paints, pencil, mask tape, cardboard, ruler
  3. Take the cardboard and put it inside the shirt
  4. Use the pencil to make the pattern, the lettering, or any kind of picture you want
  5. Ruler is use to make sure the line is perfect, and not messy
  6. If you're done, tape the outer line with mask tape therefore the other part of the shirt wont get painted
  7. Use any color of acrylic to color the shirt and to differ the pattern
  8. Let it dry first before you take the mask tape off!

You just did your DIY and have new clothes to wear!!

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S

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