Friday, February 15, 2013



How colorful are these pictures? Oh my oh my!

 I always knew that wearing hijab doesn't limit your creativity and your passion for fashion to be creative, and to express yourself. THIS proves that it 's sooooo true! Just look at the styling, and the wide range of clothes the designers made to make women who wears hijab feel powerful, elegant, feminine, and be confident.

 It also encourage those who doesn't wear hijab to wear one, especially after seeing the fashion shows that Indonesia Fashion Week day2 has for Moslem Wear. Even though I can only stay for the Infinitely Covered, I bet others who stays longer enjoy the shows very much.

A lot of hijab women were there, and they are so stylish! Indonesia is actually in the process of being one of the Moslem Wear trendsetter, and I personally think it could actually happen.

These are the designers:

Ida Royani - Errin Ugaru - Anne Rufaidah - Rya Baraba - Lisma D Gumelar - Iva Lativah - Savitri - Irma Mariam - Lia Soraya - Fenny Mustafa - Ibrahim - Ina Priyono - Ridwanul Karim - Ani She Be - Hennie Noer - Islamia Aprilia - Nieta Hidayani - Tantri Ayunita S - Irna Mutiara - Rosie Rahmadi - Irma Nurul Hakim - Tuti Adib - Mamota - Istafiana Candarini - Puspitasari - Tuti Akbar - Toera Imara - Unik Nur Harjuntari - Nanida Jenahara - Misan - Yuyuk Nurmaisyah - Amalina Aman - Dian Wahyu Utami

To be continued...

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S

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