Wednesday, February 06, 2013




Happy belated birthday for me well, technically I wrote this post yesterday February 5th but I couldn't finish it due to school work (I swear, balancing school work and personal stuff is really hard).

Anyway, So here are some picture from yesterday outfit, the details,some presents, and also some sweet cutie patootsie words from my beloved friends.

I was feeling preppy yesterday and I always love to try new style, thus I can explore my style really is. What I always know and what I've always hear from people is that my style is Classic, but Edgy and at the same time I still have my own twist, it's like I have my own signature on my style.

 You should find out what your style is, and tell me by by giving your links or just simply comment :)

But don't worry if you don't know it yet, I was also lost but as time goes by I knew what I like most, and what I feel like it represents me; my quirkiness, my urge to be different, my taste, and the most important thing is that I'm having fun wearing it. Because fashion is all about being different and having fun!

I was wearing, a Stefan Green Maroon cardigan, a Prada white shirt, a Burberry skirt, a knee high black socks, a ZARA loafers, and accessories by Juicy Couture for bracelet and my usual essential accessories which are my White Rebel Swatch and my UCLA Bruins ring plus my favorite statement ring from Tarnish.

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S

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