Monday, February 25, 2013


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This season is all about fashion week and we can see model off duty running around New York, London, and Milan. And Cara Delevingne is the one to watch, she is almost on every runway this year. You name it, from Sister Siblings to Burberry. And I am loving her boyish, laid back look style after the fashion shows.

What catches my eye is that I see her in different style of baseball jackets (like she owns a lot of them) and I got inspired by it. So... I start digging up my brother's wardrobe and found this ROOTS baseball jacket. I don't know why are they so big when my brother is so small but I wore it anyway. 
It was a rainy day and such a perfect timing to wear an oversize-very-warm-comfortable jacket, paired it with my American Apparel purple pencil skirt and Marni flats.

I do upload my college fashion on instagram: athayash so follow me :)

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