Monday, February 18, 2013

Photo Diary IndonesiaFW 2013: Last day of IFW, PRADA leather jacket



I am so happy that finally an event like Fashion Week when people shows their appreciation and their love for fashion, comes to Indonesia. 

Before, people thinks fashion is just for those who are superficial, and full of fantasy, and for those who wants to live in a magazine. But not now, fashion has changed their perspective towards other people. It really is mind over matter. People are starting to be more confident about themselves and brave enough to wear what they want to, when they want it
I wished IFW 2013 was a lilttle bit longer though, not only 4 days but 5 to 7 days. Thus, the designers will be able to showcase their talent and fashionistas can be inspired by it even more. 
 Nonetheless, I am extremely pleased about the IFW 2013. 

There may be a little bit mistakes or faults here and there, such as model tripped off her dress because maybe she is too short, or not enough practice. And, one thing that may have concerned us, bloggers the most is the placing of our seats. Day 1, we were placed behind the red line which is probably 10th row or so? And it is really effecting our pictures and the way we will give comments, and review about the dress to the public (about the fabric, and the detailing). Admit it or not, bloggers are one of the sources of fashion. Thankfully!!! Day 3, the crew emailed us that we can seat on the 3rd row of the right wings. We really feel appreciated, and valued.

But I believe that it will be improved in the coming year. So, if you missed this year IFW, make sure you are not missing out on IFW next year!! 

I was wearing PRADA ombre leather jacket, REBECCA TAYLOR ruffled top, NEW LOOK shorts, LOUIS VUITTON bag, and ROTELLI leopard heels for the last day of IFW2013.
And the make up, CHANEL pink lips, MAC fix, haute & naughty eyelashes, and eyeshadows, and ULTIMA II blush on.

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S

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