Tuesday, April 30, 2013

IdiosyncraStyle x Sadikin Gani

 I can't believe it's the end of April already! Time flies... too damn fast... if I may say.

Last March I had a coffee and a bit of lunch with Sadikin Gani, from The Actual Style. And everything happened really fast.

On February he took a picture of me in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 and I got featured on his blog. The next day I post the featured on my blog saying how amazing it is if, we could work together. Then an email pop up on my phone showing that I got a comment from him saying, "This is a wonderful surprise for me. Collaborate with me? Wow, I am really honored. I would very very happy to do it.
Thus, we met up in Epicentrum, Kuningan and talk about fashion, style, people, and what exciting project we can make out of this!

Since we both like the idea of 'style' because it's more authentic, personal, and real. We came up with the title "XStyle" for our project. 
X usually means the most important factor, or nowadays, it's called the 'IT' factor. It is also more make sense, considering we both have the word 'style' on our blog title.

For me, fashion is the way of expressing ourselves and the freedom of choosing what we want to wear. And style is more to our taste and the idiosyncrasy that we have within ourselves. In which differ us from others.
And I believe that  the effort of putting a set of clothes together should show. That shows, how a person care about not only their appearance, but also respect of people surround them and of course for themselves!

I am so grateful to finally had a really long conversation with him which lead to many opportunities for stylish people, and fashionista like you and me.

These pictures were taken by Sadikin Gani himself. I know how skillful and what a great photographer he is, but I can't believe how great the pictures turns out!!!
Kudos to Sadikin Gani! Thank you thank you.
I can't wait to see you soon and talk more about our project.

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