Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The One with Attitude, Risk, and Personality

This is the sheer top that we've seen people wearing for shorts, or skirts, and even dresses. It's risky. So make sure that your underwear or the inside of it is comfortable and won't be loose or go down easily because believe you me, if it happens, it may be the day of your fashion disaster (I've experienced it and it wasn't flattering at all).

I've seen a lot of this kind of shirt and I'm luuuuuuuuuuvin' it. GEEK, DORK, USA, FUCK, CELINE, YSL, YOLO, AIN'T NO WIFEY, YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US, 86, 69 (HAHA) and other numbers and words on it. It's cute, interesting, and in your face. Which is cool because it's somehow... rebel and I like it. It's like you're showing your personality or attitude, both at the same time; humorist, sarcastic, fun, and even your emotion at that time. And isn't it what you want to achieve when you're dressing up, to show your true self? You can also style it innocently, so while you're wearing the super in your face shirt you wear it with girly skirt, or feminine heels that make the shirt doesn't seem too aggressive. It's like your alter ego. Love it love it love it.

So I could make my dream come true by going to New York with Fimelahood

Here's how:

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