Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sebastian Gunawan, JF3

As the opening of various events of "The Glorious Handwoven of Indonesia" parade, Seabastian Gunawan (Seba) teamed up with Cita Tenun Indonesia (CTI) fully supported by the PT. Perusahan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk. presented his collection that combined three seasons; winter, fall, and autumn. With handwoven as the main fabric and ikat from the craftsmen in PGN Handwoven Village, Panawuan Village, Garut, Indonesia.

I like to pay attention on how the designers want to make their fingerprints on their clothes; therefore if someone spot their clothes they will directly know who the designer is.
Seba, brought a very elegant collection to the runway (as always). His collection is always feminine, and sexy. It's sexy in a way that is sophisticated; cut out in the right places, sheer fabrics, and he likes to put belt or accent around the waist. This is to make the women who wears his clothes shaped in an hour glass curve, and who doesn't want that? Plus an illusion of a nice back shape. Love it!
The details on his collection is extraordinaire; the beads, and the materials that creates textures, the slit on the skirt, even the length of the dresses is precise and just on point. 
See how details on styling or designing can make such a big different. And how it can make Indonesian woven look waaaaay more attractive, and appealing.

Talking about styling, Seba mix and match the textures, colors, and fabrics to bring out more character of the handwoven fabric. The lack of appreciation, and attention to the Indonesian heritage made Seba wants to attract the people's attention by making his collection more contemporary and more 21st century. Thus, it will capturmore teenagers and young adults to wear clothes that is produce from Indonesian fabric and material by Indonesian designer.

Sebastian Gunawan
Komplek Harmony Plaza Blok K No 1, Jl Suryopranoto 2, Jakarta Pusat 10130
T: +6221-632-8470
F: +6221-6303433

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  1. Lovely designs! I just adore the bright colours :)

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