Sunday, June 30, 2013

The One with Denim and Dungarees

The Overalls or the Dungarees are making their comeback this summer, and because of its versatility which anyone can style them basically with anything. Anything. I believe Dungarees can last for more than one season, it's proven that it stays more than a year! 

DENIM - this year's biggest trend if I may say, is any form of denim has been worn by us vest, skirt, dress, pants, shirts, even bikinis or bras. I swore if there's one thing that is so flexible to style, decorate, accessorize, and even... destroy, it's denim! so if you don't own at least one, you may want to buy one. like. NOW. I myself own, uhm 6 denim skirts, and few dresses, couple of shirts, more or less 10 jackets or outerwear, and 35 jeans. Not much but I can create tons of style with it.

So I could make my dream come true by going to New York with Fimelahood

Here's how:

1) click in the link above

2) go to the "Vote for this contestant" button at the bottom of the page

3) sign in to your facebook account

4) sign in to your twitter account

5) then voila! You've voted me  

And please do comment if you've voted, I'd like to say thank you Xx

Stay Stylish,

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