Monday, June 24, 2013

The One With More Than One Trend

Turtle neckssssssss are my favorite. It my seem super old fashioned but they're super comfortable and I find them very flattering. From crop top turtle necks, sleeveless, or not sleeveless to long sleeves turtle necks. I think as long as it fits you perfectly; not too tight but not that loose either, you can totally rock it! 

Checked and tartans are also big trends, I love it! skirt, pants, dress, shirts, any kind of form. It's so easy to style them! tie'em around your waist, wear it as a suit like my friend did and she look super dapper! layer it like a lot of people does for a more casual look or even make it sexy; just button down your tartan shirt until below your chest and tie them, voila! super beachy look for summer! And you can also go Preppy like what Rachel always does.

The checked, the checked, the checked they are fab! I, personally, fancy the whole collection as we've seen in Louis Vuitton fashion show S/S 2013

Not a big fan of this trend, but floral or rather "tropical" prints are everywhere, I mean, on your pants, tops, skirts, outerwear, bags, mostly anything that can be printed with it. If you wanna go for a girly look, floral/tropical prints is the way! But, I do have my favorite floral shirt, it was from Cacharel

Talking about prints though, they're a BIG hit this season. Animal prints, Floral, Tropical, Bold Digital, and even Hyperrealist Aesthetic like what Mary Katrantzou S/S13 collections. They are the bomb. Everyone wants a piece of this trend. Katrantzou is like the Salvadore Dali of fashion design, the prints are surreal.

But Givenchy with their prints are the one that people hunt for! My favorite singers like Kanye, JayZ, and Rihanna wore them. Including Kim Kardashian who pairs them with leather pants.

Indonesian designer, alex[a]lexa whom I blogged few months ago HERE. Also making prints a must have item. This dress in particular is very original. The owner (if I'm not mistaken), whom I met on that day during IFW told me that they went to a beach in Indonesia took this picture of the clouds and inspired by it so they edit it and print it on the dress. How lovely, I absolutely think that this is one of the amazing pieces from their equally amazing collection.

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  1. Great post! Thanks so much for writing about our prints for Spring/Summer 2013 in your article! :* :* :*

  2. Oh, you analyze the style of the Friends' characters! NICE! And Mary Katrantzou S/S13 collections is really amazing!