Friday, July 19, 2013

Denny Wirawan with Oscar Daniel

Just when I thought it can't get any better... it did!!! 

Denny Wirawan gave us an amazing show, from the sassy runway walks, to the songs that make me feel like I should just stand up and start dancing. To the last minute of the finale, the song changes and I thought it was gonna be over... But it's not! Very well known models from Indonesia (one of them was Arzetti) came out and wearing Wirawan's finest design for the finale! 


The collection was delightful, it was like a really mouth watering desserts (Wirawan show was the closing of day 1 Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week). Flower patterns is not my cup of tea but when the flowy pant suit/maxi dress with embroidered jacket came out... I told my front row seatmates that it was gonna be a really salable piece! Pantsuit or maxi dress might not be the most flattering piece and not a lot of people can wear it, but this one was tailored to perfffection.



Denny Wirawan potrays his women to be powerful, stylish, and sassy! Sassy in a way that they are independent, feminine women.  Stylish in a way that they are not limited because they're wearing hijab. A lot of women thought that because they're wearing hijab they shouldn't accessorized much, or they could just be lazy and not creative. And Wirawan prove'em wrong and show them exactly what they could do with their clothes! With the leather element (boots, just the way Wirawan likes to style his ready-to-wear fashion shows) and astonishing big hats with stunning creations by the one and only, most creative and sincere man I know, Oscar Daniel; that makes women who wears it will absolutely look stunning!

Talking about embroidery! 

Look how gorgeous they are, my my my it's so jazzy and elegant! So lady like! I was just blown away, and people's jaws was on the floor when this happened.

I went to the event called, fashion first which I'm gonna post about it soon (met some friendly designers and fashion enthusiast) and then went to this event with the designers themselves. They are amazingly nice, and supportive towards what I'm doing. It's super nice to hear people appreciate what you do, especially from people that I idolize, so I was pretty blown away. Especially when I know that we have similar taste in some things, like for example, the song choices (Jazz ftw) and we talked about a lot about recent men fashion week in Milan to next year prediction ;) xx 

Special thanks to the designers; Mas Denny and Mas Oscar.

Stay Stylish,

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