Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Didi Budiarjo, JF3


With Kain Lunggi produce by the highly creative craftsmen from Semberang Village, Sambas, Indonesia, Didi Budiarjo put out amazingly glamorous sequined pants that is just so flattering and flirty. He portray his women as a goddess, metropolitan, modern women, even if they wore "caping" (the one that people wears in rice fields) they still look fabulous. I sense an oriental feeling, and the rural balanced with a modern city vibe. His collections was paired with edgy heels and bold statement necklaces.

It was a very delightful and elegant show. Inspiring and refreshing with a really youthful yet sophisticated color palette. I met him backstage to congratulate him, he was very friendly and it motivates me to do what I love and be successful at it, just like him. 
Didi Budiardjo
Jl. Bendi Besar no.20
Kebayoran Lama. Jakarta – Selatan
Telepon: 021 – 7239540
Fax: 021-7239633 E-mail: didi@didi-budiardjo.com Website: www.didi-budiardjo.com

Stay Stylish,


P.s: You can see the picture of me and him along with other designers backstage on my instagram: athayash

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