Sunday, July 07, 2013


Old Navy Dungarees, Marni Top, Zara loafers and tote bag.

This ootd post pic was taken when I went to Bandung, Indonesia. I went there for a day with my friends just because it's summer and we're on holiday. 

But, tomorrow I'm going back to school and I would like to appology for a lack of post in the future. I am in my 2nd semester and last year of Junior College so I really need to focus on my study. My A level exam is coming up this October and I gotta give my all in it. Wish me all the best; for a better and brighter future. 

I really really want my prayers and my hard work to be paid off and be successful in the future. I want to be able to pay back to my mom, my grandma, my family and my friends who always be there for me. I want to live the life that I imagine I will, and make my dreams come true. 

You can do this once everyday and via your smartphones too. Pleasee pleaseee pleassee help me make my dream come true by voting for me to go to New York with Fimelahood

Here's how:

1) click in the link above

2) go to the "Vote for this contestant" button at the bottom of the page

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5) then voila! You've voted me  
And please do comment if you've voted, I'd like to say thank you Xx

Stay Stylish,