Saturday, July 20, 2013


The funniest, most beautiful person.

Nicole Richie can pull off anything she wears and make it look effortless! Super chic! The "It" girl is now a stunning mother of two and the gorgeous wife of Joel Madden.

Necklace above is one of her collection from her Jewellery Line, House of Harlow 1960

My favorite mentor on Fashion Star, she knows exactly what the people wants, and able to direct the designers to be a better version of themselves.

Sure, she did a terrible choices of clothes in the past, and maybe not only clothes but gee, LOOK at her NOW. She just developing herself, to be a better mother, wife, and person. She's sooo active in the fashion world, and she has become a really amazing version of Nicole. Please do follow her on twitter, she's just hilarious with her tweets! @nicolerichie

What I love the most is that she doesn't limit herself because of her height, or because she is petite. Which I can look up to, that's why I love love love her. She wears clothes that normally super model wears, that is tailored perfectly, thus she always looks perfect. Her new hair do reallyy suits her, she looks gorgeous, duh!

I can connect to her personally too! How could I not, she told CLEO Magz AUS  when they talk about how she works bloody hard "It takes organisation and a lot of GREEN TEA" and I'm addcited to green tea!!



She's all about fashion risks, and push it to the limit to give the best of her. This incredibly stylish, and easy going, fun loving person admit that she's actually 'an emotional' dresser, she doesn't plan her outfits, just go with what she feels fits best for the day.



Candidly Nicole is my fave it makes me laugh all the time and according to Nicole "people who not only make me laugh but people I see laugh. I consider that extremely beautiful." -WHO MAGAZINE AUS

The other important thing is that she always remember to pay it forward, love her family, be grateful, and not take herself too seriously. Just have fun, and explore her passion.

Stay Stylish,

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