Sunday, July 07, 2013

Priyo Oktaviano, JF3


One of my favorite of the night is....  Priyo Oktaviano.
His collection was one of a kind, and mind blowing. Oktaviano took his audience with him for an adventure to the Black Paradise, which was his theme. The concept of the runway was like a story, it was so surreal. 

Let's talk about the collection.
Oktaviano has his own edge, it is very quirky, sophisticated, modern, and yet young and fresh. The SPOUS collection is my favorite because it's Edgy H to T; from the designs, and the clothes itself to the whole styling and accessories. The sheer top, with pencil skirt, and really cool pattern from the fabric of Indonesia's heritage. The trousers, and the long dresses is making me speechless when I saw it. Especially the one with a super deep V neck, I just want to wear it straight from the runway. The exact same styling. I am so in love with it, I couldn't get the right picture of it. Always missed it or always shaky -sorry, but I hope you see which one I'm talking about from the picture above. The earcuffs that the men wore was a stealer, it caught my attention and it reminded me of recent fashion shows in other places like Milan, Paris, London and New York. It proves of how up to date and innovative Oktaviano is. The fabric choices, the embellishments, the details, the whole show.... showcase how Oktaviano is indeed an utterly talented designer.

Oh... how I adore his designs. With the middle east element and touch of his amazing accessories that is out of the world, he successfully made my jaw dropped. The design is not even a question anymore, it's P for Perfection and Priyo. Kudos to him.

Sadly, I couldn't meet him at the backstage, he was pretty occupied with his model (he was taking off the accessories) and I was a bit in a hurry. But I reeeallyyy  hope that we could meet someday. Congratulation Sir, you really deserve a standing ovation.
Jl. Panglima Polim IV no 52, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160
P. +62 21 727 83637 
P. +62 21 720 3947
F. +62 21 727 83663

Stay Stylish,

 p.s: You can check out the earcuff on my instagram: athayash

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