Thursday, November 14, 2013

Denny Wirawan, JF3

Favorite of the night.


   The show was simply spectacular. 
The Batik patterns from Indonesia brings out the character in each piece - with the history. 
Also, the pride feeling within myself as an Indonesian, knowing that it's designed by Denny Wirawan and Oscar Daniel who are Indonesians and they were successfully makes one of Indonesia's heritage, Batik, be the star of their show.

   Denny Wirawan was one of the designer of that night - you can take a glimpse of other designers' shows HERE. Look at the colors of his collection! His way of splashing the colors in your face is so fashionably refreshing. 

   Not only putting out his amazing design, Denny Wirawan also styled pieces together, too! Each of the runway looks have his signature style; from the young flirty hats, to his classy clothes, and his edgy touch with faux fur and leather boots.

   Denny Wirawan works with Oscar Daniel to spice it up even more with headpieces. I think, Oscar Daniel have the magic hands that can turn anything into the "IT" piece that you lust every time you see it. 

   When I get the chance to see him backstage in different events I always ask him, "how long does it takes for you to create the headpieces?" And his answer always amazes me, he said, "There are times when I only make it for 1 week, there are also times when I did it in only 3 days!!".  And when he said that, my jaw was instantly, dropped. Talk about unlimited creativity, and original ideas!!! What a oh-so-unbelievably skillful designer!!!

I mean, these guy are truly talented, don't you think?
Jl. Cipete IV No 16A, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12410

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