Sunday, December 22, 2013


If SydneyFashionBlogger's closet is the definition of heaven. Miroslava Duma is the definition of Fashion. She strut her très chic style on a daily basis, just because she can and she is MAJ. 

She's not only my fashion icon but Miroslava Duma is my role model, I can relate to her in so many levels, she is smart and she's down to earth, and she's amazing at what she does. 

I love her chic, classy, edgy, and sexy style. I feel like it's what I want to look like, what I want to capture in my outfits, and what I feel comfortable in. I want to be recognized by my looks, I want to be a chameleon but at the same time people knows that it is my style, and my taste, because it has my touch... just like Mira - nickname fondly given by those who close to her. When she passed by, people recognizes her from any angle because they can see her style in what she wears. 

As a petite fashionista, I know how tricky it is to wear some clothes, such as, jumpsuit, long dresses, and even short dresses. It can make me look even more short. But Mira Duma shows me how to make it work and if you feel good, you will always stand out, and look gorgeous. No matter how people think you look like. 

I never believe in "you should only wear clothes once", I believe in recycling my clothes with new style. If you have a great sense of style you won't be running out of ideas on how to style your old clothes and make it look brand new. You might even set a new trend. Styling is a matter of instinct, and you style H to T so there are unlimited ways to style your look. Don't be ashame to google, and look up for new ideas on the internet, you can always make it yours. Ms Mira have been caught wearing the same clothes more than once in different fashion events, and she always knows how to make it look exciting and new.

Miroslava Duma is the ultimate Fashion Icon. She is the founder of - which is called as a killer style website by TheCoveteur, she is a former Harper's Bazaar Russia Editor and their current freelance writer. She is adore by so many street style photographers all around the world, and followed by more than 500k fashion enthusiast on her instagram - &its still growing. She's one of the Russian Fashion Mafia of the Haute Monde alongside Elena Perminova, Natalia Alaverdian, Natasha Goldenberg and Ulyana Sergeenko. She is known for her statement everything; head pieces, necklaces, bracelets, clothes, heels, and bags. And what I like the most from her is that her style is not effortless. I like to see people putting effort in the morning thinking of what should they wear, not just looking good effortlessly.

Stay Stylish,

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