Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am speechless, out of words. I have nothing to say other than "brilliant". 

This collection is indeed very utterly brilliant; it's très chic, it's modern and it got the futuristic vibe, it's CHANEL.
Although it may look like a sports luxe collection, but these clothes are unlikely to be in any gym. It's too CHANEL for sports. 
The message sent through the fashion show was very vibrant, and exciting. Showing how CHANEL could make very common accessories look like a million bucks designed by CHANEL Atelier and styled with their stunning stunning designs.

Karl is the living proof of a creative mind; as a designer of a very influential brand and fashion house, he is indeed a genius. He's able to predict what the people will lust, what trend are going to be in again, the styling that people will want, and the prediction that people expect from the house of CHANEL. And to add it all together, he's able to show a collection that is beyond people's prediction. He even make fanny pack look fashionable.The metallic crystal encrusted elbows and knee pads are even look chic. - I may going to start rollerblading again!
The detailing is magnifique, the designs are genius, and the embellishments are exquisite. Very luxurious yet simple. Not many jewellery, very light and youthful, not many skin showed, maybe sheer but not over baring skin with lady like colors. The models were very energetic, they look very easy going and not stiff. They walked down the stairs in a playful manner. Nothing serious, the orchestra was playing modern songs yet it sounds really classy and soothing. I think everything was wrapped very well together.

I quote: "Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel's president of fashion, told Women's Wear Daily last week, adding that there is growing interest in this, fashion's most rarefied craft form. 'It's about understanding what's behind the dress,' Pavlovsky said." 

The story, the journey, and the woman behind the dress is the most important thing.

See it for yourself...


source: Grazia UK
source: Vogue Fr

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