Monday, February 10, 2014

Denny Wirawan x Oscar Daniel Headpieces x Covet bags BAZAARFASHIONTREND2014 by IPMI


When I first met Mas Oscar Daniel in Grand Hyatt for his Wedding fair fashion show with Mas Denny Wirawan - a few months after Indonesia Fashion Week, I knew that I was meeting an unbelivably talented person. He introduces me to many people in the industry, one of it being the one and only Mas Denny Wirawan. Right after that, I realized of how mistaken people are saying that the fashion industry is occupied with cold people because they are too cool to be cold. But it's not only that, what makes me really happy is -even after meeting them for more than few times- is how humble and generous they are in real person. And personally what makes me so over the moon is that they believes in me and having such an amazing person believes in you is big, let alone have two! Denny Wirawan encourages me to be successful in fashion; as a writer or as a business woman. They inspires me to work hard and be original. This collection of theirs for example, it felt really authentic. 

Definitely one of the best momentum in my life that will be my motivation and inspiration for life #Moment4Life this proves that what you love and you're passionate about could bring you to many places you've ever wished for and you may never even imagine it before. Thus, always have faith and god will lead you the way and open the doors of oportunities for you. 

They surely knows how to put up an amazing show, I got goosebumps even reviewing this post.

I first recognized Oscar Daniel's headpieces. He really is blessed with a creative mind. And then I was in awe with the stunners that came out of the runway...
The flow of the show was really exciting, it brought me to the edge of my seat.
The collections were very daring and fierce. Wirawan played with textures and structures in this collection. He even went bold with the colors such as blue, red, and orange but keeping it calm with white as the first collection that were being showcased. The detailings were on another level; very delicate indeed, with the embellishments and the shape of the skirt he was aiming to shape, Wirawan definitely worked extra patient on this one. 
The blazer with batik pattern is my favorite; combination of modern designs and Indonesia's heritage. 
To upgrade the looks Wirawan adds some accessories and I think, the belts were genius! The long skirts with mermaid bottom and the long dresses were very lady like, but the pants were not on my favorite list just because I'm petite and I don't think I could pull it off... 
Talking about pulling it off, THE FINALE look was beyond beyond stunning. 
Drop sleeves, deep V neck, no pants, and legs for days. Full of heritage and rich in colors. Perfect finale. Not to forget, the headpieces that turns everybody's head by Daniel was extraordinary!!

You should see their instagram: and for all pictures full of impressive works! 




   Thank you Mas Oscar Daniel and Mas Denny Wirawan for the invitation, I really appreciate it :)x

Stay Stylish,

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