Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breakfast Routines

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   My breakfast routine is all about bread and a cup of coffee/tea/juice and it's obvious that where ever I go Starbucks will be one of the places I look for. It may not be on the list but it's always on my mind. They have everything that I need for my Breakfast Routines. No, I'm not a coffee addict or Starbucks addict but there's just something about Starbucks. I like their sandwiches and their cakes, I looove their drinks too - I think it's on point and they understand what the customer wants, cos you can always cutomize your drinks there! 
   And on my way to the beach I wanted to go to Starbucks and get my coffee fix with some sandwich... and before I ever got to Starbucks I stumbled upon this cute lil shop called, Bread Basket -aaaand one thing about me, I love love love love cute lil shop; the intimacy, the lil people that comes, the atmosphere and the interior are usualy unique too, just everything about cute lil shop is adorable!
   So I stopped by and ordered some usuals; capucinno, pretzels and a baguette sandwich filled with bacon, chesee and pastrami if I'm not mistaken haha... did I mention I have a big apetite? Hahaha I have and it's my guilty pleasure, the kinda bad habit that's hard to get rid of *oops* 
   The service is friendly but it did take some time for the food to be ready. But as soon as the food arrived, I had my first bite and it didn't disappoint me! 
It was deliiiiiiisssssshhh! The texture of the bread is really soft and it wasn't hard for me to eat the baguette #recomended The capucinno is perfect for me, and the pretzels' saltyness and sweetness mixed with butter was the kinda pretzels that I always imagine a pretzels should be. They have a variations of traditional and gourmet breads! 
   It was such a good morning because my tummy is happy! *happy tummy happy gal* You should definitely go and check it out whenever you're in Bali ;) 

Jl Danau Tamblingan 51, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali Indonesia

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