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After the success of its first generation, Fame 74 launched Fashion First a place for the "today and young" Indonesian and Asian designers. With its consistency to give support for talented designers who are ready to spread their innovative perspective and their passion towards the fashion industry. Not only that, but to be a part of the development of fashion and lifestyle in Indonesia. 

Here with 16 designers in the concept of independent store in a 300msq  located in Jl. Cikajang No.48 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Different with other fashion boutiques, Fashion First's customers are not only able to find fashion products but also other products including contemporary artwork -a full of demand products that is getting popular day by day.
With its first debut being "Crossing Borders" representing how Fashion First as a Fashion Institute dares to cross the boundaries in the classification of varieties of products, and their determination to find young potential talents, not only in Indonesia but from other countries in Asia too. 
The collection in the store was completed with products designs by Alvin Tjitrowirjo.

Mel Ahyar Pret-a-Porter was one of the crème de la crème designer on that day. I love her couture dresses, her couture gowns are Oscar worth gowns, and I'm not even kidding. In Fashion First, Mel Ahyar is showing and selling her ready to wear collection. The collection felt very modern and young with a touch of brocade for class and romance.

Fashion First is also showcasing Contemporary Artwork through photographs by Nicoline Patricia Malina styled by Qiqi Franky and the models are Raline Shah and Jessie Setiono.

Hian Tjen flirty and glamorous cocktail dresses suitable for redcarpets, fancy cocktail party, and formal date night (because it's approaching the Valentine's day) ;)

Fierce patterns and glam embellishments from Bohemian Treasures by Claudia Hidayat. Sheer fabrics perfect for summer and you could layer it for another alternative look! 

Visuu by Vicky Supit embodies the elegance in women. The delicate fabrics, and laces are very feminine. 

I was introduced to sexy duo designer, Indah Kalalo, and Fabiola Aisha the designers of Flirt Inc. A really fabulous collection with skin tight dresses to show your stunning bods. 
If you want to be the center of attention, these body hugging dresses also comes with very eye catching colors, and slit on the side to make the look even more sassy. 
Many designers wore their own collection that day, other than the fabulous duo, Indah Kalalo and Fabiola Aisyah

Curated by Ek Thongparasert, the leading fashion designer from Thailand. This young designer's collection is probably my favorite of the evening! The powerful prints with a great sense of structures stole my heart the moment I saw it.

SWANK has a mind of its own, the story of the wires, with the broken hearts, and the architectural patterns were so original. The technique experiments and the play in textures is the idiosyncrasy of the collection

Textures is one of the key components of the clothes. It can make the outfit look even more classy, because only classy people can pull textured clothes and turn it to high fashion.

Friederich Herman leather fabrics, studs, and sexy cutouts stole my heart. Stunning!

The collection from Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan in particular, I think is crazy good. People always said that "The devil is in the details" because small details makes the entire look, and this embedded details with sick patterns makes the collection stand out.

Menswear collection by NO'OM/NO'MI are fun and comfortable. I love finding myself drifting over to the men's section of the store. fortunately as a women, we, can wear both menswear and women's. And we look good wearing it, we can make it sporty and we can even make it sexy, and still look fashionable. It is all depends on the way we style them.

PATRICE by Rani Patricia is another elegant choices in the store the difference is the fabric that she chooses is more to my style because she uses very edgy-felt-like-leather fabric. Instant designer crush! Love it.

ISIS by Andrea Risjad and Amot Syamsuri collections have that different edge and the triple threats which is texture, great fabric choices, and patterns. 

In a city like Jakarta, you'll never know who you'll run into. I, ran over my school friend, whose sister is one of the designer of the evening, Vinora Ang. The talented designer have the whole collection of Batik, one of Indonesia's heritage. Turning Batik into a clothes is not as easy especially if you want to make it look original, and Vinora successfully made her Batik collection to be one of a kind collection. Kudos to her. Such a talented young designer. I really hope Indonesian designers can be as critical as her, choosing our own heritage and make it into something that people all over the world are going to drool over, wanting to wear them right that second.

My invitation of the evening came from Oscar Daniel. The talented head pieces designer that I often talk about on my blog,. He, among other talents that he has, is also an accessories designer. #livinforhim his talent and personality is truly my inspiration. I'm loving the color blocking and the necklaces especially!

The store opens every day Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 9PM and Sunday by appointment only. It's a very cozy store where you could feel like you're in your own closet especially with its own private room where customers could try on the collections that they desire with the consultation with professional sales assistants in private. Ssssh......

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