Saturday, February 01, 2014


Dress: Armani
Bag: Chanel
Heels: Zara

I'm talking about the Sparks when you meet someone for the first time.

I went to a wedding not long ago... everything was so lovely. The bride and the groom were happy, they were having the time of their lives. And I thought... everything that happened on that wedding day was started from that first sparks towards each other when they first met.

The sparks of love... Finding the one may not be easy, believe you me, but it is worth the wait... They said if you've experienced these sparks; love at first sight sparks, the attraction sparks, first date sparks, first kiss sparks and so on... with that special someone, it can help you identify whether or not he/she is the right person you've been looking for.

I guess they were one of the lucky people that found it... and some of us have to be more patient, be open minded and let everything flow... one thing I know "never rush anything, because everything will happen at the right time with the right person" and don't worry about the pasts, it's in the pasts for a reason and "don't stress the could have if it should have, it would have"

Well, talking about sparks... love... and the one... WELCOME TO FEBRUARY.. the month that is full of love... my month! my burrrrthday is just around the corner I'm just always excited when it's February... a very special month for moi. A lot of lesson to be learned from and a lot of things to be grateful for!

May all your love wish come true this month. xoxo


Earrings: EmporioArmani 

Stay Stylish,

p.s: make sure to always look your best at anytime, cos you never know when  you will meet "the one" :)

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