Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Beach Walk



WELCOME TO my  BALI posts!!
I'm going to blog one Bali post per day to keep the summer sadness, and gloomy days away!

Because, who's not excited for summer already? the festives, music concerts, crop tops, daisy dukes, tans........... I'm ready to do it all over again

Here is DAY1 of my trip, and it was so much fun because we directly went to the beach, saw a beautiful painting-esque sky, ate greek food at Mykonos, Seminyak - SUPER NOM NOM NOM! drank frozen margaritas and my bro went on a boat trip on the crystal clear water! So much fun.
ANDDD LOOK AT THE SCENERY, isn't it so instragram and postcard worthy????!!!!
Anyway, Bikini and bangle bought in Bali store, the aviator is from Guess and the lace dress I was wearing was an oldie but goodie little black dress, I forgot the brand, and couldn't figure out the flamingo logo on the tag. So, help me out if you know, send me a shout out on the comments below or message me thru the message box on the left side bar!
And P.S. I have no idea why I had similar pose in both pictures... well, it was really windy! sssssssssspring sun and breeze *insert flower and sun emojis*

BTW, say hiiiiiiii to my lil bro up there who deserves the photo creds of my #ootd ;)

Stay Stylish,

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