Monday, April 14, 2014

fortune cookies

Jumpsuit, Somewhere Bali 
Bikini, Xhilaration 

A good life is when you've successfully tanned and when you make your tummy happy.
So endless tanning and chinese food was exactly what I did during the last days I was in Bali. After two weeks, I don't know what to do anymore and I pretty much bought everything I want, need and lust so... forgive me god for I may have over-tanned and over-eat....
Anyway, fortune cookies was my favorite part of the chinese food after all the kungpow chicken, wonton and friends... not only the taste is yummy but the surprisingly wise and soothing words inside it.... 
The words up there in the fortune cookies are such a mood lifter!!! 

The first one says,
"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world"

The second one,
"I've learned that life is tough but I'm tougher"

It's just very meaningful and it gets me... right there, right in my heart and in my mind. 
Like, it shows that who ever opens the fortune cookies and get those words is worth it.
It's telling me and reminding me to never give up, ever. And that's exactly what I want to share with you guys, what I want you guys to know. You are worth it. You should do what ever it is that makes you happy and most importantly, never give up!... especially when you want to make your dreams come true. Work really hard for it, don't think about the time, the time will pass anyway... Think about the future and how you will be able to live your dream life... And if the doors to your dreams are closing one by one then maybe it's not leading anywhere anymore, find other doors, other ways... Maybe other dreams, I know this would be hard but don't worry, because you could be destined to have a beautiful life with other beautiful dreams that could make you happier than ever...
And always remember: there are people that want you to do great but not better than them, people that only wants to see you fall and fail but there are also people that always got your back, and they are your support system! Don't underestimate or take them for granted, these people are your motivators!
See, there are nothing that stands between you and your dreams... BE THAT GOal GETTER*... 

*The stylish one, obviously ;)

Stay Stylish, 

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