Friday, April 11, 2014

Gold Rush

Shorts: Taverniti Jeans
Ring: H&M
Aviator: Guess
Necklace: J.Crew

"Stop for a moment and look around"

That was exactly what I did in Bali. The scenery, the ocean, the beaches, the fresh air, and simply everything. It was breath taking. From the moment that I departed from Jakarta to the moment that I departed from Bali, I just can't get enough of the beauty of life that god has given us. I mean, with smartphones in our hand we forgot about the little things and if we do, it will probably be from the lens of our camera.
Even though the first three days were pretty much a bummer - due to the heavy rain, we were literally stuck in the hotel - my brother and I had a pretty amazing 2 weeks vacation in Bali. I truly think Bali is one of the perfect place to refresh and take our mind away from the hustle and bustle life in the city. Thus, I wanteed to just take it all in and relax.
  Talking about relax, it's no secret that music is my mood booster because it makes me loosen up and it relaxes my mind and my body. This one right here is perfect because not only that the title is SUMMERCHILL but also, it's such an eargasm - I couldn't get enough of it - it is by Mr. Good. It's a mixtape or a compilation of songs that I often listen to in bar&restaurants, or cafes by the beach around Seminyak. 
So now... I'm gonna let you guys listen to it, take a moment, and enjoy life.

Stay Stylish,

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