Friday, April 18, 2014

In Flight and In Love

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So who's in here never been in Love?
I'd be lying if I raise my hand, because I think I did...
My last relationship - in my opinion, was pretty intense, because my feelings for him was deep.

"So deep the ocean would be jealous..."

Haha well maybe it wasn't meant to be, even though we both think it was...
Now that I look back, I think we didn't try harder... We just pretty much left it like that... 
In love, I was...

Now, I'm just looking for that one person that will understand me and be happy together.
Well yea, I still have some types - a girl gotta keep her standards! ;) but whether you're a guy or a girl, I think we shouldn't be that picky...  It's time to realize that no one is perfect but know that they could change.
In a relationship we should be able to change each other to be a better person, to make each other happy and support each other in whatever the situation is. Be there for each other, through bad times and good times... Be on each other side to achieve each other dream and fulfill each other passion and of course, our dream as a couple, together, for the future.

Well, I'm the kind of person who believes in destiny. I believe that each and every one of us is destined to be with someone compatible for us. The right person. 
So for you that has already met yours, a big congratulations is in order...
But for all my single ladies and gentlemen out there, enjoy your single life while you have it and open your eyes, who knew... Maybe the right person for you is around you...

I like to remember this everyday: I am one step closer to meet my right guy! 

Stay Stylish,

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