Sunday, April 13, 2014

Have you got your SWAG checked?

"So true how they say, the happiest things in life comes from the little things"

Saturday morning spent by the beach swimming, tanning, super low key super fun. Then off strolling around Bali, ate dinner, and did some shopping.

Outfit deets:
What I did on the first picture was putting a big scarf - that I used for laying down, on top of my bikini, put it around my lower back area pull it up front to my neck area and tie it. Voila! it's a dress...
The second outfit; I got the tshirt in Beach Walk Kuta and decided to cut the sleeves off because it was very hot. I'm sooo into statement shirts this one got an extra point for the neon lettering, recycled the shorts cos I packed light ;) It's all about doing the Kate Middleton recycled pieces into new styling. Put my Mawi Necklace on, beaded Cuff that I got from a Market in Bali and One Eyed Earcuff for that punk , laid back style.

Stay Stylish,

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