Saturday, May 03, 2014


    Colorful, young, and versatile. Loving the headscarves, and the all pink or nothing vibe.

    The designs are young and playful; crop tops, skater skirt, overalls, and colorful jackets. The 11 designers from Number 1 by Susan Budiardjo played around the feminine attitude with the hat, glasses and patterns along with the texture.
   At the end of the show the designers came out altogether, took a bow and looking proud; they should be, we all loved it.

   The bloggers, moi included, were called by the COLORBOX team after the show and were given a blue lace-knitted shawl in a very chic tote denim bag! Thank you COLORBOX :) 

 This knitted shawl is perfect for cold weather, it's so warm and yet the lace details give that delicate touch and the tote bag is just the perfect size for my habit of bringing tons of stuff, it's so spacey!

*Versatile as in you can play around with each piece and style it your own way, mix and match.

 Stay Stylish,

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