Thursday, May 08, 2014

Decision decision...

It's coming back again! Fashion Déjà vu...

I still remember that I wore my birkenstock everyday when I was 13 it was a white birkenstock, wait no it was brown! Yes, I'm pretty sure it was white....! Aaah nevermind but yes this sandal is coming back and they're starting to be a trend which to be honest I'm not sure about because I've always love them cos they're comfortable but I never thought it was fashionable and I even consider it like UGGS not a fashion statement.

Household names like Givenchy and Céline made these sandals with their version; Givenchy with leather, Céline even has it with fur! Their designs are pretty chic, take a look at the more affordable version from H&M!!! How spring and summer appropriate are those??? Soooo appropriate! 

For styling, I think that this sandal is pretty versatile and for me the secret of styling is all about mix and match and the attitude! I thought baggy pants like what Eva Chen wore for Dior Cruise Show looks good with these sandals or flowy summer dresses, or even like Oracle Fox Blog did, with leather!! She's obviously obsessed with them.

Now, help me!! Do we like this trend or not? Let me know by sending me your comments or tag me on instagram: athayash so I could see and like them ;) 

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