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Luwi Saluadji, Bazaar Wedding Fashion Show Part I

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"It Takes Two to Tango"

Not long ago I attended the Bazaar Wedding Exhibition at Pacific Place. I went there last year, and this year they upgraded themselves to a bigger area, bigger crowd and more exhibitors.

For you soon to be bride and groom, Bazaar Exhibition is a must-go destination for everything wedding inspirations. This year concept was "One Stop Wedding Gallery", where they offered everything from the dress, the makeup, the decoration, the entertainer, the organizer, the pre-wed rituals, the photographers, the invitation, and down to the merchandise.
Go follow them on twitter for more info and upcoming event: @bazaarindonesia

One of the main events in the annual Bazaar Wedding Exhibition is the fashion show. There were 8 designers this year; Andreas Odang, Bvlgari, Billy Tjong, Wong Hang & Michelle Worth, Ivan Gunawan, Hian Tjen and Luwi Saluadji.

I was so excited to see Luwi Saluadji's show because I was so intrigued by his take on Batik, and I wanted to see more of his designs in person. 
Batik is one of Indonesia's most well known heritages. It is a technique of manual wax-resist dyeing applied to a whole cloth, or a cloth made by using this technique. And Luwi is known for his creative hands designing a collection that always involve one of Indonesia's characteristic. This time, he incorporates Batik into his design.

I’m glad that I came... I was so entertained, my eyes and ears were satisfied by the show.
Why ears, you say? Because you will see below that in Luwi’s show there were singers and a saxophone player entertaining us in between sets. And the models were not all models; there were familiar faces (TV actors).
My eyes were enlightened by the collection. Nowadays many women don’t necessarily like the idea of wearing traditional dress for her special day, including me. But I must say Luwi’s version of an inspired traditional wedding dress made me changed my mind. It was young, flirty and yet traditional. It was sexy, but still conservative and appropriate for weddings. It was elegant and edgy at the same time. The cut, the embroidery, the lace, the designs… J’adore. 

There are some dresses that for me were a classic, not really my cup of tea but they were no doubt designed to make a stunning bride.
The groom were not forgotten, there were two of my favorites; as you can see here and I just love the twist on the white tuxedo at the back, it was different and unexpected and give more dimension and more story to the wedding ceremony. The collar on the black tuxedo is my favorite; it looks amazing on the model. They even had a hat, blangkon, bow tie, and traditional Javanese accessories. So dapper!

All and all, I was so inspired by the show and the exhibition. They opens my eye even more on how many details could go into a wedding and how amazing a wedding could be by having these details. 

For more pictures you can click below and the part 2 will be coming right up ;)

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