Saturday, June 07, 2014

SAID MAHROUF, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014


Said Mahrouf studied fashion in both Europe and United States. He designed haute couture, costumes for performances and also prêt-à-porter collection. He presented his first haute couture collection in Morocco where he came from, before living in Amsterdam since he was 9. This particular collection right here, has been walking down in 3 different countries.
Shine bright like a diamond was playing in my head when the collection, "Shades of Grey" walked down the Indonesia Fashion Week runway. It was so sparkling, and so exciting. It was simple, and effortless...  Not everyone could pull off the effortless look but this collection makes it accessible with that je ne sais quoi. I love the jumpsuit because personally, I think that making a jumpsuit is very tricky but in this case it was tailored perfectly. And of course, I love me some plunging neckline, so sexy and sophisticated. I'm not into peplum trends anymore but the slit trend is my fave and the drapery on the other dresses are very chic as well. This collection is very suitable for red carpets, prom nights, bridesmaids dresses, cocktail parties, and launching party. 

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